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Beechcraft International Chemical Management
Product Stewardship — Beechcraft will endorse, execute and encourage the efforts of our suppliers and customers to continuously improve the full lifecycle impacts of our products and services; thus seeking solutions to enable optimum wellbeing for our customers and impacts to the environment.

The International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM),of 2006 adopted a Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). This initiative was agreed upon by government and non-government institutions globally to adopt an initiative aimed at making chemicals safer for humans and the planet.

The European Union, United States, Japan and many more countries have implemented or are in the process of implementing new chemical regulations. The regulations include Chemicals in “Substances”, “Preparations” and “Articles”. The intention of the regulations is to provide “appropriate “risk management” and “education” to all that use or are exposed to chemicals; including the environment.

To our customers:
Beechcraft is dedicated to keeping all tenants of the performance promise to our “Customers” by fully integrating a Chemical Compliance System into our business. This enabling Customer Education and Compliance with the changing world of Chemical regulations;
Customers: please contact your ‘representative’ for information requests

To our suppliers
Beechcraft is dedicated to keep communicating with Suppliers ensuring that all chemical components are identified and is available; so customers may comply with necessary “international” regulatory requirements for chemicals.

International Chemical Regulations
REACH: European Chemicals Management

TSCA: Toxic Substance Control Act

CSCL: Japanese Chemical Substance Control Laws.

SAE AS9535 Substance Declaration Standard (under construction)

AS9535 Substance Declaration is in the General Terms and Conditions: