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12/14/2015Please read the attached letter from Textron Aviation’s Supply Chain Quality organization regarding an update to heat treat specifications. More information will be communicated in 2016.
04/23/2015Please click the link to the right for the latest changes to AS6279.
02/26/2014Notice: Beechcraft has released a Part Marking Training Package in the Supplier Training section under Supply Chain on the Beechcraft internet. This training guide has been provided to help suppliers effectively mark/identify parts and product.
02/21/2014Alert! Revision J to QC00 has been released. Revised to reflect current requirements and clarify items as found necessary.
02/21/2014Notice: Beechcraft is in the process of updating and revising the special process codes in its Special Process Index. New special process codes will be shown alongside the old process codes. The old process codes will remain visible for the next 3 years. New formatting of the Special Process Index and Approved Special Processors list will allow for expanded search capabilities.
09/12/2013As Beechcraft continues to standardize supplier requirements, effective September 27, 2013, Beechcraft will no longer accept electronically delivered documentation from Aerospac, per Supplier Quality Document QC00, Delivery Documentation, Section 4.10, Revision H. Please read the attached and also the new release of QC00.
07/15/2013Visit the latest eTool, IDEA Commons, submit cost-savings ideas and partner with Beechcraft Corporation.
02/22/2013Please be sure to adhere to the Quality Requirements detailed in each Purchase Order for packaging requirements. Refer to the clauses and also WI 04-08-038 at
10/22/2012Alert! Revision H to QC00 has been released. Revised to reflect current requirements and clarify items as found necessary.
10/01/2012If you have a question or concern about your SRS Quality score, please send a detailed email to
12/12/2011November SRS is now available: 3 Month SRS Scores will reflect September, October, and November. 12 Month SRS Scores will equal 3 Month Scores until there is enough data to average 12 months. You have until 12/31/11 to make any changes to Delivery for Sept, Oct, and Nov.
09/07/2011To improve the flow down of the Build to Print (BTP) product information, future Purchase Orders (PO) will specify the data package information used to define the deliverable configuration of the product. This data Package includes the B/P and additional configuration data required to define the deliverable product. The data package is located in the Supplier Integration Tool (SIT) on the HBC Portal noted below. It includes engineering, tooling, and HBC routings. The end item dimensional configuration shall be supplied as defined in the noted HBC routing; which will not be per the blue print specification when an interim manufacturing configuration is required by HBC. BTP Suppliers shall ensure they have access to the SIT and DDS. You can request access to these systems through your HBC Buyer. Suppliers with current access to the HBC Portal can access the SIT which does not require a Secure ID. DDS which does require a Secure ID is also accessible through the ‘Engineering Documents’ tab of the SIT. HTTP://WWW.HAWKERBEECHCRAFT.COM/SUPPLY_CHAIN/SIT/
08/12/2011QN history was not brought over to the new system, but you can contact your Buyer for any required QN history.
02/17/2011HBC has released BS392875 ‘Reprocessing Specification for HBC Parts’. Under the conditions noted in the specification, BS392875 permits one strip and re-processing of parts without requiring submission of a Variation Request (VR). Please thoroughly review the specification and incorporate into your Quality Management System. Click the link to the right for more information.

Supplier Requirements

Beechcraft Corporation's Supply Chain Quality Assurance group is responsible for supplier approval, surveillance, and performance measurement, as well as receiving, inspection and change control functions.

It is Beechcraft Corporation's policy to procure from those suppliers that offer the most cost-effective products and services. Approved suppliers are selected through a rigorous screening process.

"Supplier Quality Requirements Document QC00" can be accessed through "Quality Documents" link under "Supplier Information/Contractual Flowdown".

Stringent FAA requirements mandate that we control our supplier base, review Purchase Orders for Quality Flowdown, and inspect incoming Orders for compliance to the Purchase Order.

Visit the Processes & Suppliers section below to identify the list of the materials and processes that require use of Beechcraft Corporation approved suppliers and the list of the associated approved suppliers.

Email your Quality Assurance specific Comments or Suggestions to

Also see the Reference Items section below.

Quality Assurance Notices

Archived QA Notices

Quality Flowdown

Beechcraft Corporation's Purchase Orders may reference additional quality requirements imposed by contract or policy. Quality clauses are available under Supplier Information, then click on Contractual Flowdown, and then the Clauses tab. The information contained in each clause is contractually binding and as such is part of the Beechcraft Corporation incoming inspection plan.

Beechcraft Corporation's references Beech Specs within some of our quality clauses. Please contact the buyer on the Purchase Order for assistance on Beech Specs.

Email your Quality Assurance Specific Comments and Suggestions to

Processes & Suppliers

Beechcraft Corporation's requires that certain Processes in our manufacturing cycle are controlled and in some instances require our suppliers to utilize only Beechcraft Corporation approved suppliers.

The Special Process Index lists the processes identified on Beechcraft Corporation drawings and / or specifications that must be performed by a Beechcraft Corporation approved processor. For a complete listing of the approved processors, refer to the Beechcraft Corporation Approved Processor List.

Suppliers must also have special approval to produce tooling for Beechcraft Corporation. The Beechcraft Corporation Approved Tooling Supplier List identifies the currently approved suppliers.

Reference Items

Email your Quality Assurance specific Comments or Suggestions to