Special Missions Operational Excellence

High Value, Affordable, Sustainable Special Missions Solutions.

When government, military and commercial customers want airborne solutions for critical missions, they turn to Beechcraft. Our aircraft provide the high performance and flight characteristics required to address the unique challenges of special mission operations.

With unparalleled performance, versatility and low operating costs, Beechcraft products are preferred for pilot and crew coordination training, military liaison, priority transportation, air ambulance, surveillance, maritime patrol, cargo hauling, flight inspection, high-capacity/airline shuttles and numerous other time-dependent operations.

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Product Line

King Air 250 and King Air 350
Whether you need a simple mapping camera, LIDAR or multi/hyper spectral camera system, Beechcraft has the aircraft that will accomplish your mission in an efficient and cost effective manner. Beechcraft based aerial survey aircraft are used for environmental documentation, land survey, fishery & wildlife monitoring, forestry management, mining survey and border reconnaissance. Aerial survey sensors can be installed in a way to maintain a pressurized, environmentally controlled cabin and preserve the ability to comfortably transport executives.
Hawker 900XP
All of the Beechcraft King Airs and Hawker Jets can be fitted with Air Ambulance medical stations. The aircraft offer the safety of twin-engines and certification for flight into known icing, as well as comfort for the patient, medical crew and accompanying family with large pressurized, quiet, air conditioned cabins.
Precision Equipment
The King Airs and Hawker 900XP jets combine the range, payload and efficiency for efficient and cost effective flight inspection and airway calibration. These aircraft provide a very stable and precise flying environment required for exacting flight calibration services.
For any mission

Whether your mission is covert with a retractable imaging system, full-up military intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, or maritime patrol – Beechcraft aircraft will make you successful. Aircraft such as the King Air 350ER have the ability to remain airborne over 12 hours – and land with 45 minutes of fuel reserve. King Airs are the cost/performance benchmarks by which all other surveillance aircraft in this class are measured.
Glass cockpits
Beechcraft has aircraft well suited for flight training. This ranges from the efficient and economical Bonanza G36 for flight screening, complex aircraft rating and instrument training, to Baron G58 or King Air series for multi-engine training, to a complete military training system with aerobatic qualification, ejection seats, weapons training and full motion simulators.
Multiple configurations
The strength of Beechcraft airplanes is their mission flexibility combined with low acquisition cost and economical operating costs. Whether your mission is transporting high priority people or cargo – the King Air turboprops and Hawker jets can get you there with the safety of twin-engines and the comfort of large environmentally controlled cabins.