T-6C Military Trainer Specifications


Aircraft Characteristics Standard Metric
Length 33 ft 4 in 10.16 m
Height 10 ft 8 in 3.25 m
Wingspan 33 ft 5 in 10.2 m
Wing Area 175.3 ft² 16.28 m²
Engine 1,100 shp 820 kW
Type Turboprop Turboprop
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) 6,900 lb 3,130 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 6,900 lb 3,130 kg
Basic Weight 5,150 lb 2,336 kg
Total Internal Fuel 1,200 lb 544 kg
Total Fuel w/2 External Tanks 2,054 lb 932 kg
Total Hardpoints 6 6
NATO Standard Weapons Stations 6 6
Aircraft Performance Standard Metric
Basic Limits .67 Mach 316 KIAS
Basic Limits w/ Stores .67 Mach 316 KIAS
Max G +7.0/-3.5 +7.0/-3.5
Max Ferry Range (without external fuel tanks) 884nm 1,637 km
Max Ferry Range (with two external fuel tanks) 1,382 nm 2,559 km
Avionics Capabilities Standard Metric
GPS Navigation Yes Yes
Flight Management System Yes Yes
Precision GPS Approach (WAAS LPV) Optional Optional
Digital Terrain Elevation Data Optional Optional
No Drop Air to Ground Scoring Yes Yes
Simulated Air to Air Target Yes Yes
Virtual Training System/Data link Optional Optional

* Specifications and performance information is subject to change without notice