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College Recruiting - How To Apply

Application Process

  1. Register here, and upload your resume, and build your profile

  2. Login here, and update your profile, view jobs that match your profile, or request that a copy of your registered information be emailed to you.

  3. Search jobs here, and apply for appropriate positions.

  4. If your skill set matches our needs, you will be contacted by a member of our talent aquisition team to set up an interview.

  5. After the interview, you will be contacted by Human Resources with further information.


Interview Tips:

Do your homework.

Check out this website and gather as much information about Beechcraft as you can, so you are prepared to speak intelligently. Talk to friends, alumni, and even current employees for additional perspective.

Dress for success.

Whether you're on campus or in our corporate office, it's important to make a great first impression. Choose professional dress over business casual.

Relax and be yourself.

Let yourself become fully engaged in the interview process. If you're not going to get a job on the basis of who you really are, then it's not a job you'd want anyway.

Know your resume and skill set.

Working from an updated resume, you should easily be able to discuss your strengths and work history.

Ask Questions.

Prepare some questions about the company, other possible opportunities and advancement potential. Ask about the job expectations and its responsibilities.

Expect to do some thinking.

The interviewer may ask you how you solved a certain problem or what steps you took to resolve the situation. This is a good indicator of how you will handle yourself in the future.

Show your enthusiasm.

We love to see a candidate who is excited by the opportunity to join Beechcraft. Be dynamic, engaging and confident.