AT-6 Light AttackWeapons Capabilities

AT-6 Weapons Capabilities

State-of-the-Art Weapons Integration for the Light Attack Mission

The AT-6 sets the standard by employing a broad range of weapons that no other light attack aircraft can match. The AT-6 has demonstrated high-end light attack capabilities, as well as full compatibility with U.S. and NATO Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) systems.

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Capable of operating with a staggering array of weapons and external fuel carriage configurations, the AT-6 gives the warfighter what they need when they need it. This includes the flexibility to tailor the weapons configurations to efficiently and effectively complete the mission. In addition to the many possible loading configurations, the AT-6 is the first ever fixed-wing aircraft to successfully employ 2.75” laser-guided rockets.

AT-6 Weapons Capabilities

  • HMP-400 .50-Caliber Guns
  • Practice Bombs
  • Mk-81 (250 lb.) General-Purpose Bomb
  • Mk-82 (500 lb.) General-Purpose Bomb
  • GBU-12 (500 lb.) Paveway II Laser-Guided Bomb
  • GBU-38 Inertially-Aided Munition
  • GBU-58 (250 lb.) Paveway II Laser-Guided Bomb
  • GBU-49 (500 lb.) Enhanced Paveway II GPS/Laser-Guided Bomb
  • GBU-59 (250 lb.) Enhanced Paveway II GPS/Laser-Guided Bomb
  • APKWS 2.75" Laser-Guided Rockets
  • TALON 2.75" Laser-Guided Rockets
  • GATR 2.75" Laser-Guided Rockets
  • AGM-114 Hellfire Laser-Guided Missiles
  • LUU-2 Illumination Flares
  • MJU-7/10 Flares