AT-6 Light AttackOverview

AT-6 Light Attack
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Built for the Warfighter


The AT-6 is a multi-role, multi-mission aircraft system designed to meet a wide spectrum of warfighter needs. Brought to you by the same company that delivered the USAF T-6A and USN T-6B, this proven performer is designed to accommodate 95 percent of the aircrew population – the widest range in its class. World-class Lockheed Martin A-10C mission computer with CMC Esterline glass cockpit and flight management systems command the AT-6. Combined with the L3 Wescam MX-15Di multi-sensor suite, which provides color and IR cameras, laser designator, laser illuminator, and laser rangefinder, the AT-6 provides the most powerful allied-compatible ISR and targeting suite available.

Mission Ready

This mission ready aircraft leverages significant Department of Defense investment in people, platforms and programs to meet Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance requirements. The AT-6 covers a wide-mission spectrum that includes training, manned Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and light precision attack. Its non-traditional capabilities are ideal for internal defense and civil support missions.

Advanced Flight Training

Advanced Flight Training

Including Undergraduate Pilot Training, Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals, Joint Terminal Attack Controller training, and collaborative training.

Civil Support/Consequence Management

Civil Support/Consequence Management

Disaster Area Imagery, Reconnaissance, and Search and Rescue.

Counter-Insurgency & Irregular Warfare

Counter-Insurgency & Irregular Warfare

Close Air Support, Forward Air Control-Airborne, Armed Reconnaissance, Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance, Airborne Interdiction and Intelligence, Combat Maritime Patrol, and Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Homeland Defense/Homeland Security

Homeland Defense/Homeland Security

Including Low-Speed Intercept, Border and Port Security Operations and Littoral Maritime Patrol Operations.


  • Purpose-built for Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance
  • Available at a fraction of the acquisition, sustainment and training costs of traditional combat aircraft
  • Capable of executing a wide spectrum of missions: counter-insurgency, close air support, forward air control, combat search and rescue, armed reconnaissance, airborne interdiction, civil support, disaster response, maritime patrol, and border security
  • The AT-6 is strengthened and improves upon the proven durability of the Beechcraft T-6 trainer aircraft
  • The AT-6 is the only light attack aircraft with proven high-end communications and data interoperability in U.S. and NATO command and control environments
  • PWC PT6A-68D 1600 SHP engine gives the highest power to weight ratio in the world for turboprop light attack aircraft
  • CMC Esterline FAA Certified primary flight and flight management system avionics
  • Lockheed Martin A-10C combat mission system
  • L-3 WESCAM MC-12W MX-15Di sensor pod

Better Performance

With lower wing loading and higher power loading than the competition, the AT-6 delivers best-in-class performance without sacrificing incomparable handling qualities or stability.

Higher Speed

The AT-6 has a higher airspeed and Mach envelope for carriage and employment of external stores than other light attack turboprop aircraft.

Increased Interoperability

AT-6 has 4 MIL-STD-1760 compatible weapons stations. The AT-6 is a CAS platform compatible with all fielded U.S. Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) voice/digital capabilities and their NATO equivalents.

Made for the world in the USA

It started during World War II, when more than 14,000 Beechcraft employees produced 7,400 airplanes for the United States and Allied armed forces. During this time, 90 percent of all U.S. Army Air Corps bombardiers and navigators were trained in the AT-7 and AT-11 aircraft – derivatives of the Beechcraft Model 18.

Beechcraft has continuously supported the warfighter, delivering aircraft such as the C-12, T-1, T-6, TC-12, T-34, T-44 and MC-12W. Since opening its doors in 1932, Beechcraft has delivered over 14,500 aircraft to armed forces around the world from its factory in Wichita, Kansas.