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• 10/08/2013 - Technical Publications released new Web Viewer software version 3.7 SP2 for the Online Interactive Maintenance Libraries. Printing has been simplified and improved. The Viewer is compatible with later versions of Internet Explorer with plans to upgrade the software to also function in Safari. Users must have an active subscription to access IML Online manuals. A user guide to help you get started is available by clicking this text. We have the IML Technical Support Team ready to answer any questions and provide assistance between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM CST. Call 800.240.2959 or 1.316.676.3053. Email is being monitored.
• 04/12/2012 - IML DVDs: Viewer 5 - User Guide
• 04/12/2012 - IML DVDs Viewer 5 Software Installation Quick Reference Card (Installation)
• 09/29/2009 - IML DVDs: Imaging manuals to a hard drive or server.