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About Interactive Maintenance Library (IML)

What is the Interactive Maintenance Library (formerly known as REPS) and What Can it Do?

Have you ever wished that you didn't have to mess with huge, cumbersome maintenance manuals and parts catalog in the traditional paper format? Tired of removing old pages and inserting new ones every time the manual is revised? Would you like to find the information you are looking for in seconds rather than searching endlessly through several paper manuals? Then the Hawker Beechcraft Interactive Maintenance Library might just be the solution you've been looking for. The Interactive Maintenance Library offers aircraft maintenance manuals on CD-ROM. It is a fully interactive electronic version of its paper equivalent. Although the “look” of the interactive maintenance library manual is optimized for viewing on a computer monitor, it contains the same data as the paper counterpart. These CDs are published quarterly and contain all current manual revisions.

The Interactive Maintenance Library has features to help you find information in a fast and efficient manner. You can search an individual manual or a whole library of manuals with just one search command. It usually takes 30 seconds or less to find all occurrences of a part number or any text you are looking for among the 121 Manuals on 15 CDs. Try doing that with paper manuals!

With the Interactive Maintenance Library you can:

  • Link to figures, tables, topics, and other manuals with just one mouse click. Parts catalogs have individual parts linked to the corresponding part in its figure.

  • Enlarge selected areas of figures with the zoom-in function, then print the enlarged area.

  • Search a single manual or your entire library for most any data.

  • Build a "shopping cart" of parts.

  • "Filter" most Illustrated Parts Catalogs to show only those parts applicable to your aircraft. Check out the How To Articles on this website.

  • Post notes on any page. A note can be made visible only to you or to everyone (if installed on a network).

  • Take your entire library of maintenance manuals with you without the need of large moving equipment!

  • Eliminate the need of revising paper manuals. Each interactive maintenance library CD is delivered complete with the latest revisions.

Contact the Technical Manual Distribution Center (TMDC) to order your interactive maintenance library at 800.796.2665 or 316.676.8238.