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• 10/09/2013 - Technical Publications has released the new WebView software version 3.9 SP 2 for the Online Interactive Maintenance Libraries. Printing has been simplified and improved. The Viewer is compatible with later versions of Internet Explorer with plans to upgrade the software to also function in Safari. Users must have an active subscription to access IML Online manuals. A users guide to help you get started is available by clicking this text. The IML Technical Support Team is available to answer any questions and provide assistance between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM CST. Call 800.240.2959 or 1.316.676.3053 or e-mail
• 10/09/2013 - IML-200 Rev 48 August DVD King Air 200 Maintenance Manual's topic 31-40-00-201 (Central Computers Integrated Avionics Processor System) Maintenance Procedure was overwritten by Windows/Windshield topic 30-40-00-201. The Printer Friendly PDF of Chapter 31 contains the correct topic for 31-40-00-201. The Online IML interactive page for 31-40-00-201 has been corrected. IML-200 Rev 49 November DVD will incorporate the IML interactive page correction for 31-40-00-201.
• 04/12/2012 - The IML 5.11 Software Viewer is customized for Beechcraft customers. Click here to visit the Downloads Section of the IML Software Support web page.
• 08/08/2011 - Electromech Technologies no longer supplies Component Maintenance Manuals for Beechcraft Corporation to include in the vendor section of Beechcraft CMMs. Customers need to contact Electromech Technologies directly regarding the overhaul of Electromech components. Browse to the aftermarket section of for contact information.
• 09/16/2010 - Click here for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) a version that works with IML Software Version 5.11.
• 09/15/2010 - Special Note after installing Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended: To properly operate the IML Viewer 5.11, the computer must have either Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended with 4 Client Profile installed, or Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended by itself. Stand alone installations of Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile are not supported. After installing .Net Framework Extended launch the IML Viewer 5.11. It isn't necessary to reinstall the IML viewer software. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact IML Software Support at 1-800-240-2959