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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Chapter 4 removed from the Maintenance Manual?
The decision to remove Chapter 4 from the Maintenance Manual (MM) and issue a stand-alone Airworthiness Limitations Manual (ALM) was made for the following reasons:
We were experiencing delays in being able to issue a MM revision because any Chapter 4 content of a revision had to be approved and signed by the FAA. Removing Chapter 4 data from the MM has speeded the revision issuing process. Furthermore, owners/operators did not always have a copy (current or otherwise) of the MM, so did not have the required airworthiness limitations data. A stand-alone ALM allows the end user to have the required limitations data without necessarily having an MM. The ALM is distributed to all owners/operators of record free of charge.

How do I get removed from your mailing list?
If you are receiving mailings with … FAA … on the first line of the label, these are distributions from the FAA Owner of Record mailing list. To discontinue these mailings you must contact the FAA in Oklahoma City to remove your airplane from the list. For more information visit the FAA web site at Hawker Beechcraft Corp. cannot remove names from this list.

For those mailings with … SOFI … or neither "FAA" or "SOFI" on the first line, contact TMDC at 1-800-796-2665 or 316-676-8238 to discontinue the mailings.

How do I get additional pages for my Log Book?

The following forms are available for download in the Forms page:
  • Aircraft Time Log
  • Maintenance/Inspection Entries
  • Instrument, Static and Avionics Checks
  • Service Bulletin/Service Instruction Compliance Log
  • Airworthiness Directive Log
  • Alteration/Modification Record of Compliance
  • Hawker Beechcraft Kits Record of Compliance

How are my customs fees calculated?
Customs fee values are based on the purchase price of the order per Dept. of Commerce regulations and fees are determined by individual destination country. The information shipped is considered technical data and cannot be shipped as "books".

Why can't I find a Service Manual?
Try looking for either a Maintenance Manual or a Shop Manual.

Where's my Maintenance Manual?
Try to look under Shop Manuals for your aircraft. It's the same as a Maintenance Manual but sometimes contains the wiring information.

Where's my Wiring Diagram Manual?
Check to see if your serial number is listed under a Shop Manual. Generally, if there is not a Wiring Diagram Manual for your serial number, you can find that information in the Shop Manual.

Where's my Flight Manual?
Many Flight Manuals are incorporated into other types of pilot's books, such as a Pilot's Operating Handbook or a Pilot's Operating Manual. It may have its own part number but is not available separately. This is not always the case; at times there is both a Pilot's Operating Manual and Flight Manual for an aircraft. Try searching for a POM or POH. Other airplane handbooks might be listed as 'FlightHandbook'.

Why can't I find my part number?
Try entering your part number but leave off the last alpha character of the part number, leaving just the base part number. Or try searching by the model of aircraft and the type of manual or click 'Complete' instead of 'Current'. If you still can't find it, call us; it may have been discontinued.

Why can't I find the revision(s) I've missed?
We only keep revisions for one revision back or until stock is depleted. If you miss this window you will need to purchase a new manual. (Therefore, we encourage the purchase of a subscription service.)

Why can't I find my Pilots Operating Manual or Handbook?
Try looking for an Owners Manual, this is all the same information but with different names.

How do I check my Subscription Service?
If you have access to My Pubs Account, click on the link on the Tech Pubs main menu (or go to Log-in is required. My Pubs Account shows the order history and status as well as active subscriptions. Subscriptions can also be renewed in My Pubs Account. To sign up for My Pubs Account, please contact

How can I tell if my book is current?
On the Publications tab select 'Current' and enter your base part number, this references the latest revision to your manual. If you do not have the most current revision go back to the Publications tab and select 'Complete' to find a complete list of the revision still available for purchase. If you've missed revisions that are not listed on this screen, you'll need to purchase a new manual.

How do I check to see if my revision date is the latest?
For many years the factory did not keep a record of revisions by date but rather by revision number. Revisions are published in number order (1, 2, 3, etc.); for older publications this may be the only way to tell if you have the most current revision. Check 'Current=' on the Publications tab and enter your part number to see.

How do I know if my manual has been reissued?
Beech manuals - When a book has been reissued the base part number will end with 'B' and revision numbers will continue on 1, 2, 3 etc. until another reissue and then it becomes a 'C'. Hawker manuals - Revision numbers are used whether the manual has been revised or reissued. Look for "Reissue" in the description.

How do I get vendor manuals?
Hawker Beechcraft Corp. does not furnish vendor manuals except for what is contained in the Component Maintenance Manuals. You can call our Technical Support team for questions at 1-800-429-5372 or 316-676-3140.

How do I search for CD's only?
Search by Part Number for "CD" or "IML" for maintenance libraries. Maintenance Library CD's contain multiple books. Those part numbers that start with 'CD' are generally single book PDF page-turner CD's.

My airplane manual binder is worn. How do I replace it?
Locate the part number of your binder (not the manual) on the inside cover. On the Search screen, search by the binder part number or select Manual Type as "Binders". You can also select the "Binders" tab on the left side of the screen to see a list of binders and their associated manuals.

How do I get Airworthiness Directives?
Airworthiness Directives are mailed by the FAA; go to for information on how to acquire ADs or see Important Phone numbers on the Contact Us page.

How do I get an MMEL?
Go to the FAA web site at for a Minimum Equipment List (MEL / MMEL). The MEL (Maintenance & Operational Procedures) is available on the Electronic Maintenance Libraries for the Hawker 1 through 850XP series and Hawker 4000.

How to I obtain other aircraft data?
Contact TMDC (1.800.796.2665 or 316.676.8238) for other aircraft data such as RVSM kits, GTOW kits, wiring documents, weight and balance data (master equipment list), serialization lists and avionics drawings.

How do I get an sr number for the Online Service Information Library?
SR numbers are no longer required for access to the Online Service Information (OSI) or IML Online Manuals (WebView). If the subscription does not appear in your Pubs Subscriptions link in your profile, click on the link for the new subscription access section. You will be asked for your Customer ID or Access ID. If you do not know either of the numbers, click on the “Forgot Your Access ID?” link for e-mail assistance. You can also contact TMDC at 1.800.796.2665 or 316.676.8238 for assistance.

Why must I log in to the web site for some information and not for others?
In compliance with Dept. of Commerce regulations, you must log into the web site to obtain any information classified as 'technical data'. This includes service bulletins, communiqués, crash, fire and rescue cards, flight manual supplements, MFD checklists and any other publications containing technical information. Indexes, price lists, logs and other miscellaneous reports do not contain technical information and do not require a log in for access.

Frequently Used Acronyms

AFM Aircraft Flight Manual
AFMS Aircraft Flexible Maintenance Schedule
CMM Component Maintenance Manual
COMM Communiqué
DDG Dispatch Deviation Guide
FM Flight Manual
FMS Flight Manual Supplement
IML Interactive Maintenance Library
IPC Illustrated Parts Catalog
MC Model Communiqué
MM Maintenance Manual
MMA Maintenance Manual Addenda
NDT Non-Destructive Test Manual
NTM Non-Destructive Test Manual
OSI Online Service Information
PBC Passenger Briefing Card
PCB Printed Circuit Board Manual
PCL Pilot's Check List
POH Pilot's Operating Handbook
POM Pilot's Operating Manual
PPB Power Plant Build Manual
REPS - now known as IML Interactive Maintenance Library
SB Service Bulletin
SC Safety Communiqué
SIM Structural Inspection Manual
SIRM Structural Inspection & Repair Manual
SOFI Safety of Flight Information
SR# Subscription Reference Number
SRM Structural Repair Manual
WDM Wiring Diagram Manual
WPC Wiring Parts Catalog