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Multi-Functional Display (MFD) Checklists

Note: MFD electronic checklists are abbreviated versions of the pilot’s checklist which are abbreviated versions of the flight manual/pilot’s operating handbook. These MFD checklist files may or may not be up to date with the paper manual(s) but can be used as a starting point for a customized electronic checklist. Abbreviated checklists are not FAA approved and crews are encouraged to operate the airplane in accordance with FAA approved procedures. If in doubt, refer to the POH/AFM and any applicable Supplements. Revisions to the electronic checklist are the responsibility of the operator.

Premier 390
390-590001-0101 RB-4 thru RB-101, RB-103 thru RB-134
390-590001-0029G RB-102, RB-135 and after.

Beechjet 400A
98-32360/1098 RK-118, RK-140 and after
98-30485/0800 RK-1 thru RK-23 with Kit 128-8001-1; RK-24 thru RK-92
98-31035/1098 RK-93 to RK-117, RK-119 to RK-139, RK-45, RK-49 to RK-92 modified by kit 128-5025-1, Takeoff Perf. Improv.; RK-24 to RK-44 & RK-46 to RK-48 Modified by kit 128-5025-3, Takeoff Perf. Improv; RK-1 to RK-23 Modified by kits 128-8001-1, Increased Landing Weight; 128-5025-3 Takeoff Perf. Improv.

King Air C90GTi
90-590024-167B LJ-1847, LJ-1853 thru LJ-1963, LJ-1965, LJ-1967, LJ-1969 thru LJ-1971 and LJ-1973 thru LJ-1976

King Air C90GTx
90-590024-221 LJ-1964, LJ-1966, LJ-1972, LJ-1977 thru LJ-2128
434-590171-0007 For use with Proline Fusion POH/AFM 434-590171-0003 and Pilot Checklist 434-590171-0005 (LJ-2129 and after)

King Air B200/B200C/B200GT/B200CGT (with Proline Avionics)
101-590010-435-05/04 BB-1834, BB-1843 thru BB-1977, BB-1979 thru BB-1987; BL-148 thru BL-151. 
101-590010-483 BB-1978, BB-1988 & after; BL-152 & after
101-590168-5 BY-1 & after, BZ-1 & after
101-590168-0055 BY-117; BY-119 thru BY-206; BY-208 thru BY-238; BY-240 thru BY-249 when Centex STC SA11103SC is installed. (Note: BY-211, BY-220, BY-222, BY-224 and BY-232 had this STC installed at the factory.)
98-33118/0806 BB-1439, BB-1444 thru BB-1842, except BB-1463 and BB-1834; BL-139 thru BL-147; BW-1 thru BW-29
434-590168-0007 For use with POH/AFM 434-590168-0003 and Pilot Checklist 434-590168-0005 (BY-205, BY-239, BY-250 and after; BZ-1 and after)

King Air B300/B300C (with Proline Avionics)
98-33134/0506 FL-274 thru FL-382 except FL-381 (For use with POH/AFM 130-590031-71 and Pilot Checklist 130-590031-73)
130-590031-193-05/06 For use with POH/AFM 130-590031-181 and Pilot Checklist 130-590031-183
130-590031-239B For use with POH/AFM 130-590031-235 and Pilot Checklist 130-590031-237
130-590031-275B For use with POH/AFM 130-590031-245 and Pilot Checklist 130-590031-273 (Heavy Weight Aircraft with Extended Fuel Capabilities).
130-590031-515 For use with POH/AFM 130-590031-499 and Pilot Checklist 130-590031-513 (Heavy Weight Aircraft with Extended Fuel Capabilities).
434-590169-0007 For use with POH/AFM 434-590169-0003 and Pilot Checklist 434-590169-0005
434-590170-0007 For use with POH/AFM 434-590170-0003 and Pilot Checklist 434-590170-0005 (Heavy Weight with Extended Fuel Capabilities).

Starship I Model 2000
98-30543/1096 NC-2 & after

Hawker 800XP (with Proline Avionics)
149-590000 Rev A Applies to Airplane Flight Manual P/N 140-590032-0005A1 and Pilot's Check List P/N 140-590032-0009A2 (258541, 258556, 258567 & after).
149-590000 Rev 4 Applies to aircraft equipped with IFIS-5000.

Hawker 850XP
149-590000 Rev 4 Applies to Hawker 850XP Aircraft.

Hawker 750
750-590000 Rev 1 Applies to Hawker 750 Aircraft.

Hawker 900XP
900-590000 Rev 2 Applies to Hawker 900XP Aircraft. (Serials HA-1 thru HA-193, HA-195 thru HA-201).
140-590037-0133 Applies to Hawker 900XP Aircraft with Digital Pressurization, Serials HA-194, HA-202 & After.