King Air C90GTxRobust Strength

“This [is] the quintessential business turboprop, and its continued existence speaks volumes for how well it performs every mission.”–Professional Pilot

The King Air has always been about taking performance to the extreme. With new levels of efficiency and next–generation engineering, the tough and rugged C90GTx is no exception. Beechcraft has doubled the C90GTx’s payload by increasing the aircraft’s gross weight, allowing it to carry more fuel under all loading scenarios, and fly farther.

Also deserving credit for the King Air C90GTx’s extended range and efficiency are its innovative composite winglets. Their unique design reduces drag to allow the airplane to climb faster and burn less fuel. The King Air C90GTx’s winglet system additionally provides superior handling during low speed flight and at higher altitudes.

With a renowned ability to land and take off in places where few other aircraft can, the King Air C90GTx is at home on short runways, unimproved strips, and hot and high altitude airfields.


  • Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–135A turbine engines, providing an exhilarating 1,100 shaft horsepower
  • More than 700 pounds of takeoff payload with maximum fuel Advanced swept-blade propellers and dual aft body strakes greatly reduce runway requirements
  • Depart at maximum takeoff weight in less than 2,000 feet
  • Certified damage tolerant airframe ensures overall structural integrity with regular inspection and maintenance routines