King Air 350i Knows No Bounds

Demonstrating workhorse efficiency and relentless engineering, the King Air 350i proves more can be done for less.

The King Air 350i delivers truly inspiring performance with legendary Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. Its rugged landing gear and strong frame make it the toughest aircraft in its class. This strength is matched by unparalleled versatility. The King Air 350i can take off from major airports or short gravel runways, and operates effortlessly from high–altitudes and under extreme weather conditions.

The King Air 350i offers safety and more payload, plus lower operating costs per seat mile more than any turboprop or turbofan on the market. With eight passengers, the 350i exceeds the range of its nearest twin–turboprop competitor, the Piaggio Avanti II, by nearly 500 statute miles.

Thanks to advanced design and manufacturing, the King Air 350i provides unmatched fuel–efficient performance – making it the segment’s greenest business aircraft – and saving you money in the process.

The King Air 350iER offers operators even more performance, with a fuel capacity of 5,192 pounds (775 US gallons) and a max takeoff weight of 16,500 pounds. Perfect for conducting surveillance or government special missions, the King Air 350iER can cover over 2,200 nautical miles with maximum fuel for over eight hours.

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Performance Chart


  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–60A engines feature dynamically balanced, specially designed 105–inch Hartzell propellers and a total of 2,100 shaft horsepower
  • At maximum gross takeoff weight the King Air 350i can climb at a rate of 2,730 feet per minute
  • With the category’s greatest versatility, the 350i can carry eight passengers plus their luggage and fly nearly 1,500 nautical miles on full fuel – farther than the Cessna Citation CJ2+ with just four passengers
  • This is a no compromise aircraft: Fill the seats, fill the baggage, fill with fuel and go